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Custom Foam By Case Club

Are you looking to have custom foam inserts made for your Pelican case? No matter which size case you have, you can have custom foam inserts made for it. No project is too big or too small for Case Club.

Once you make the decision to go with custom foam, you need to follow some easy steps to insure your foam fits your possession perfectly. Case Clubsí foam is a maximum of 4 inches thick per layer and and the standard foam comes in charcoal urethane. It is of medium density.

You can supply us with an AutoCAD drawing that includes a line of scale. This will help us to scale the interior of your case for a perfect fit. If you canít use AutoCAD there are some other things you can use to help us.

Try common images like .jpg, tiff, or .gif. You must have a 2D tracing of your layout. A simple photograph will not be useful. You must create your image in a Paint or Photoshop program. Make sure the dimensions are proportionally correct to your layout. If you have an image that shows the layout but is not to scale, they can scale it for you for a small fee.

If you cannot use this method, here is another way to get your dimensions to Case Club. Using a plain white piece of crafting paper, lie out your possession and trace it. Use a medium to fine point black marker. They will be cutting along your lines to fit it perfectly. It is preferable to use one sheet of paper. If you use two or more pieces, tape them together with clear tape on the backside only. Fold drawing and mail to Case Club.

If it is easier for you, you can send all your parts to Case Club. You may be too busy to send a drawing. You can rely on Case Club to make sure your insert comes out perfectly. Just let us do it all. You will be happy with their job.

Custom foam inserts are the best way to protect and show off your object. No matter what how intricate the design, Case Club can fit it. Your Pelican case and your possession are displayed to their advantage. You picked the toughest case to house your possession, put the best custom foam inside for itsí protection. You will not be sorry you did.

Case Club does all their work in house. This allows us to give competitive prices. It also gets you your foam insert in days not weeks. They have the flexibility to accommodate you in your time frame. You will be amazed at their efficiency.

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