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Custom Foam Inserts

If you are not sure what CAD is, this page probably isn't for you. For the few of you left, lets skip sketches and ideas. You already know what you want and how your going to accomplish it. This page represents and caters to the elite, to the engineers out there that have the skills and expertise to express the exact custom foam insert they want. Many of you might be dealing with us on behalf of a company which means you have tight deadlines and require immediate assistance. No problem. Our custom foam insert department caters to you. Your input is first and foremost and our every move will be efficient. The CAD file you send us will be used when cutting the custom foam inserts. We'll cut precisely on your CAD rendered lines. It will be the exact precision you specified for the custom foam insert.

Specifications for CAD Rendered Custom Foam Inserts

When dealing with custom foam, dimensions can be within 1/32. Although you can go smaller, considering the properties of foam there will be no noticeable difference in cavity size. When sending us the CAD drawing please be sure to export it to DXF format. We have engineers on staff that can make modifications to the layout if desired. When designing consider putting in finger holes for small parts. Also a line of scale will be needed to correctly scale everything. Even if the DXF is already scaled 1/1, a line of scale is still requested so we can confirm everything will be cut according to specifications. Lastly, in order to show cavity depth simply write in the depth of each cavity such as the examples on this page. Be sure to convert all the text to vectors as we might not have the same fonts as you.

Step 1: Create the CAD file. Be sure to include a line of scale and write in cutout depths. Export the drawing as a DXF. It should be a top view of what you want in 2D, not 3D.

Step 2: Send us the file. Send the file to and include any information we need to know such as deadlines, foam specifications, quantities and anything else that needs to be considered for the custom foam inserts.

Step 3: We do the work. As soon as we get the DXF and review it, we will contact you with a price. If everything checks out we will proceed to production. Any modifications to the drawing such as finger holes or minor adjustments will be made at this time. Lastly, if we can we will insert our own perimeter around the cutouts so that the custom foam insert fits perfectly in the case.

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