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Custom Foam Inserts

A lot of planning goes into the making of cases such as those of the Pelican or SKB brand. With their high grade synthetic polythene casing, these cases are able to withstand a lot of external factors. In the marketing of pelican products, the pelican case is described as being indestructible. This is true. Thanks to the careful engineering of the pelican case, the high standards of the eventual design and the invaluable option of custom foam inserts, pelican case owners are able to enjoy the best options in protection and security.

Ordinarily, cases such as those of the SKB or Pelican brand are designed to be able to absorb and withstand the effects of sharp shock. As such, the case remains largely undamaged when it is knocked against an item or dropped on the floor. The security of the pelican case is guaranteed thanks to its thick and resistant casing and optimal structure, and the safety of the contents within are almost never subjected to damage when in a custom foam insert.

This is where custom foam inserts become useful. In order to better guarantee the health of the items within a case, it is possible for people to request for the design of custom foam inserts. These foam inserts are tailored to meet the shape and specifications of the items that will be stored inside the SKB or Pelican case. The broad and absorbent property of custom foam inserts ensures that the effect of direct shock is prevented from reaching the items that are contained inside a case. Housed items are therefore protected by two different layers—the thick outer shell of the case, and the soft pliant secure shielding of the custom foam inserts within the case.

The integrity of these custom foam inserts are further guaranteed by the waterproof feature of these “impregnable” cases. Built to remain airtight, items which are stored inside these cases are safe from the outside effects of moisture or dust. The presence of custom foam inserts also means that they are shielded from the external fluctuations in temperature which might affect the case depending on its location.

In order to get the best design for intended custom foam inserts, it is important that people have them designed at credible providers/accredited distributors of SKB and Pelican cases. A good example of one such company is Case club. Case Club is an accredited provider of many of the resilient industrial casing used by members of the public as well as the military. People are therefore able to find foam inserts for a broad range of cases including those of SKB and Pelican variety.

Alongside foam inserts, Case Club is also a great source for a wide range of options in cases. People can therefore choose from the different models of their favorite cases with the options of features such as case handles, wheels and possible straps. For more information on the possibilities of a Custom Foam Insert and to purchase one, visit as well.

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