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Custom Foam Inserts for Any Case. Big cases, small cases, no cases. If you need a custom foam insert this is the place for you. Case Club specializes in custom foam inserts in all industries and situations. From the simplest standard laptop foam insert to the most complex antistatic clean room insert. Whether you need a single insert to hold a monitor or thousands of inserts for a specialized meter, we have the tools for the job. Unlike the few other custom foam insert companies in the industry we make custom foam differently. You see we've solved the biggest hurtle of producing a custom foam insert which is the design process. You may have seen other companies that can make custom inserts, but have you seen their methods? "Company A" requires you to learn CAD, effective, but complex design software. "Company B" requires you to mail in your parts (effective, but often out of the question). These custom foam insert options might be good for some, but what about everyone else?

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Types of Foam

Styles of Foam


Flexibility when designing Custom Foam Inserts

Design Online Design yourself online
Trace the Parts Send us a full size tracing
Send us the Parts Send us the physical parts
Draw the Parts Layout Draw the parts in Paint or similar program
Construct the Layout  in CAD Construct the Layout in AutoCAD

When it comes to custom foam inserts the possibilities are endless. Our flexibility makes your life easier and allows us to cut foam for anyone in any industry. Simply use the tools at your disposal. If you want to make an insert yourself in AutoCAD, go ahead and design. If you aren't familiar with a CAD software program, simply lay the parts on paper and trace them. Perhaps you have an unconventional idea? No problem, our flexibility has allowed us to excel in this industry and we're always willing to work with a customer. A custom foam insert has never been easier and your satisfaction can be a mail stamp away. Even a simple trace can be made into a professional insert. Semi-vel foam can also be added to any insert. 

Protection & Superior Quality with Custom Foam

Why go with custom foam inserts? There are 3 main reasons people choose custom foam over other inserts.

  1. Protection
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Ease

The main reason a custom foam insert is the best insert available is protection. If your product is expensive or fragile then you need an insert which guarantees its safety. Custom foam inserts are cut precisely to fit your equipment which spreads all the surface area equally dispersing hard jolts. Custom foam combined with shipping cases are the ultimate protection.

What looks more impressive than a custom foam insert? Definitely not Pick N' Pluck. In fact chances are you've seen the option of pick n pluck all over the internet, but decided that it's not for you. For good reason too because you already know how much better custom foam inserts look. They really compliment the contents going inside.

Have you ever messed around with a large order of pick n pluck? Say your order is 30 cases or more... That's a lot of time plucking out foam in the exact same layout. Unless you have inexpensive labor to help you it may not be cost effective. Also be sure to check out our pictures of before and after foam inserts which show the difficulties of cutting pick n pluck and flat foam yourself.

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